We are excited to announce our newest lending item!

It is becoming more common for films and television shows of high interest to bypass a physical DVD release. There is more and more content that we cannot offer our patrons through physical media alone. Also, back catalog titles that are out of print are sometimes only available through various streaming platforms. To provide our patrons with the content they want so they can better engage with and learn about their world, we needed to find a way to bring streaming media to the community we serve.

Roku Express 4K+ devices are streaming dongles that connect to televisions via an HDMI port. They require a power source from a wall outlet. To stream, they also require a Wi-Fi network that is connected to the internet. Homes with internet service but without a Wi-Fi router cannot use these devices; however, Rokus may be able to be checked out along with a Wi-Fi mobile hotspot, pending availability.

Through Roku Express 4K+ devices, patrons can access streaming content from both free and premium streaming services. Each Roku Express 4K+ device will have access to one of the following premium subscription services: Netflix, Hulu, or Disney+. Rokus are also equipped with several free apps, including Hoopla, YouTube, and apps with children’s content.

Like the hotspots, the Roku Express 4K+ devices will circulate for two weeks with no renewals. The devices will also incur the same $5 per day fine. Patrons may only check out one Roku device per library card. They may also only request one Roku device per library card. Stop in to try one today, or place one on hold if not currently available!